Carrying On...

In 2005 Dave's beloved agent Patricia Ney retired, after a productive 15 year partnership that began with Midnight Madness. Dave is now represented by Pam Winter, of Gary Goddard Agency in Toronto.

The Last Liberal was produced with great success at Ottawa's Great Canadian Theatre Company in spring, 2006. Charles McFarland had been with the project from the beginning, as dramaturge and director.

Dave attended a lot of theatre that year; he was on the Dora jury in the General Category and saw over 80 plays and musicals. It turned out to be less of a chore than expected and, very often, proved a fairly pleasant duty. The beauty of being a juror is that you have to go and see shows that you might not normally plan to see - and often these are exactly the shows that surprise and delight. As expected, the work of Soulpepper and Tarragon theatres was of a consistently high quality, but there was an incredible array of other work of exceptional worth, with particularly strong offerings from the Obsidian and Fu-Gen companies.

In between the serial theatre-going and getting The Last Liberal to stage, Dave managed to continue his draining of the Canadian medical system in 2006 with two more sessions at St. Michael's - one to have a painful gallbladder removed and, later, an angioplasty to prepare his poor heart for a pending foray into opera.

A 2006 political sex-farce, Conservatives in Love, delighted audiences in Toronto, Ottawa and Peterborough. Alas, a short opera entitled Piece of My Heart, based on Dave's time under the knife at St. Mike's, produced by Tapestry New Opera at Harbourfront early in 2008, received bad reviews of coronary-inducing magnitude.

Piece of My Heart at DuMaurier Theatre, Harbourfront.
Piece of My Heart

And then Kaj Munk entered Dave's life.   Dave is researching a new drama which focuses on the last hours of Munk's life. The Danish pastor-playwright was assassinated by the Nazis in early 1944; he had become an unbearable thorn in the side of the Third Reich and his play Niels Ebbesen was seen as giving moral sustenance to the Danish resistance. This new play, entitled simply Kaj Munk, is being written with the assistance of Munk's granddaughter, Arense Lund.

Mile Murtanski's brilliant logo for the Fringe production of Taking Liberties.
Taking Libs logo

Dave began working as a producer with CBC's Sirius department and his creative team, headed by Walter Rinaldi, won a bronze medal at the New York International Radio Festival, for a piece on the October Crisis.  In both 2009 and 2010, he taught a playwriting course at the University of Toronto, with Glenda MacFarlane, and contributed five episodes to the award-winning Wendy Lill radio series, Backbencher.

In 2009 Dave concluded a stint as playwright in residence at the London Public Library, where he lectured, ran a playwrights group with a bevy of talented London writers, and produced shows, including Library Shorts, a site-specific extravaganza penned by his writers group. He directed his first show – Taking Liberties at the Toronto Fringe, starring David Fox – and had a short opera produced at Toronto’s Luminato Festival in June, 2009.

Dave has continued his various personal writing projects and, in 2011, a number of short works were produced that year at theatres across the United States, from Massachusetts to Alabama to California. In addition to new productions in 2012 of The Edible Woman, Midnight Madness and Into, Dave wrote a "tableau vivante" to accompany a large painting by Herbert Jung, Scenes From Trevi Fountain.  It received its Toronto premiere in May, 2012.

In November, Dave was announced as the 2012 winner of the Maggie Bassett Award, and presented with this Theatre Ontario award at a ceremony at Stage West Theatre in Mississauga.

Playwriting continues to be a glamorous life. Dave met Miss Michigan (Nicole Blaszczyk) at a public washroom in Michigan, just over the border from Indiana. 
Miss Michigan