The Shield

"He was always here at breakfast. He'd have breakfast with me, see me off to school, then sleep all day, till I came home. Then he'd get up and I'd have another breakfast with him. That was his life, our life, sleep all day, drive all night. Two breakfasts. Then try and stay awake Sundays."

Text of The Shield

The Shield is also available in a One Act Play Depot short play collection, Mothers and Daughters.


A young woman talks about the life of her cabbie father, and relives the last minutes of his life.

The Cast:

FATHER – undefined ethnicity, about 40. A taxi-driver
DAUGHTER – his daughter, westernized, 20. A university student


Late night. FATHER’s cab, in a big city.


Best without.

Play History:

The Shield was first produced as part of the Occupy Wall Street arts festival in 2012.