Lipstick on his Collar

This short piece was actually inspired by a real classified notice I saw in the newspaper. A woman placed an ad to the effect that, "If your husband came home last night with lipstick on his collar, it's because I fell against him in the subway." Placing the ad was either an act of altruism on the part of the lady with lipstick - or a desperate evasive measure to save a lover from destruction. Either way, it got me thinking...

Lipstick on his Collar text

Tiffany and Chelsea have just gotten off work and are taking a crowded subway train home. The subway car lurches and Tiffany falls against a businessman, leaving lipstick on his collar - and unleashing her conscience and some tears about her own love-life.

Tiffany Esteves - 25
Chelsea Pickett - 35
Businessman - any age

Time and place:
Now. A crowded subway car.

Play History:
Lipstick on his Collar premiered at Studio 400, at the Pensacola Cultural Center, Pensacola, Florida in February 2012. It has had a number of productions at ten minute play festivals since then. Tiffany and Chelsea have also appeared in a longer play, Conservatives in Love. The fragrant pair are also shortly about to guest-appear in the ten-minute comedy Like a Blueberry Goldfish, premiering at the Port Hope Arts Festival in August 2024. 

Pensacola Arts Center

The Pensacola Arts Center, Pensacola, Florida