My Mother's Luck

Helen Weinzweig. This is a solemn shot and perhaps atypical; she was a great laugher, and mischievous.

My Mother's Luck
by Helen Weinzweig
dramatized by Dave Carley

2f - 40s, and 15

"Why do you look so miserable? I just do not understand you. first you drive me crazy to go live with your father and now  you sit like at a funeral... Just think, in a week you will be on the ocean and not so long after that, Germany."

The time is Toronto, 1930s. The setting the back room of a small beauty parlour on Bathurst Street. A moth is resting her feet after a long day's work and talking to her daughter. She has just discovered that the girl is planning to return to Germany, to live with her father. 

My Mother's Luck is a stand-alone play that also forms part of A View From the Roof, a full-length drama. My Mother's Luck is an adaptation of Helen Weinzweig's short story of the same name; very little was changed from the original text - just some light editing for dramatic purposes. The proper attribution for this piece is as written above.

For more on Helen Weinzweig and her work, go to the Full Length lays section or the "Love" section in the Short Plays section of this website. 

The Text of My Mother's Luck