Urban Nun

Jane Burpee as the Urban Nun. Hope McIntyre directed this performance as part of Sarasvati Production's Superwomen! Cabaret of Monologues in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in March 2015. Photo by Janet Shum. Marium Carvell originated the role of Urban Nun at the Toronto Fringe in 1992.


A nun recounts a weekend in the country that ends in the venial sin of Cardinal murder, and the cardinal sin of Isolation. A slightly different version of this monologue also forms part of the longer play, INTO. The inspiration for INTO came from a Julio Cortazar short story, though the imspiration for the Urban Nun was very much a local thing, and based on a very real Cardinal's supression of progressive thought and action in Canada. 

The Text of Urban Nun

Since Marium Carvell first stormed in the Toronto Fringe stage in full habit, the Urban Nun has been seen and produced around the world, from Perth Australia to Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories to New York City's Red Bull Theatre.