plays - full length

Many of Dave Carley's plays are available for downloading on these pages. They are reading copies only.

Production Rights

For professional rights to any of Dave Carley's plays, contact:
Pam Winter
(formerly Gary Goddard Agency Ltd)
250 The Esplanade, #304
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1J2
(416) 928-0299
Fax (416) 924-9593
GGA website

For amateur rights to Dave Carley's plays, contact:
Playwrights Guild of Canada
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 250
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A8
(416) 703-0201 (phone)
(416) 703-0059 (fax)

To e-mail Dave Carley:


Ordering Plays

Many of the plays listed have also been published in book or copyscript form and can be ordered through your neighbourhood bookstore.

The best source is:

Playwrights Guild of Canada

The national organization for playwrights, PGC has a complete book ordering service, a reading room and information on Dave Carley and all of Canada's other wonderful playwrights… See address, above.