The Boy on the Wall

1f/1m (non-speaking role)

"I wish I could know if it was fast, the end. They say every dying boy, man, soldier, calls for his mother, but I know that is ridiculous and sentimental. I actually hope he thought of his trumpet. It would break my heart even more if he was thinking of me when he was hit because I'd feel like an accomplice."

Text of The Boy on the Wall


The mother of a young soldier killed in the war is unveiling a plaque in his church, honouring the war dead. She has rehearsed her speech, but finds herself unable to stick to her prepoared text. 

Play History:

The Boy on the Wall was first presented in a staged reading by Women at Play, in Columbus Ohio, in May 2010. Ellen Nickles played MOTHER and Nick Lingofski was WILL. Katherine Burkman directed

In June 2011, The Boy on the Wall was named Finalist in the Bloomington Playwrihts Project AwareFest Competition, coming 5th out of 1000 entries.


Mother - mid-40s
Will - 19


Right after a war.


A church interior. Mother is well-dressed. A silver cross on her lapel. She is standing in front of a drawn curtain. When "unveiled" the plaqu is not seen; WILL is standing in front of it.

Ellen Nickles and Nick Lingnofski, The Boy on the Wall, Columbus Ohio, 2010