Digging Up Hoffa


The 1975 disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa continues to fascinate North Americans. A great deal of time and money has been spent looking for Hoffa's body. Meanwhile, in a tiny house in a sad Detroit suburb, Phyllis DeLong worries about the state of her finances - and a septic system that has broken down. 

Luckily, Phyllis is a resourceful woman. Remembering the kindness of Mr. Hoffa (pictured above, in livelier times), she decides that desperate straits require bold action...

A staged and podcasted version of Digging Up Hoffa was premiered by Radio Theatre Project in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida in January 2017. Staged versions have been subsequently produced in Williamsburg, Virginia, San Diego, California, Detroit, Michigan and a number of other cities where fascination with the disappearing Mr. Hoffa continues.

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